Do you have a child on the Autism Spectrum and wonder what to do next?


When it comes to Aspergers and the Autism Spectrum – this site contains all the important things for a parent raising a child with Aspergers or on the Autism Spectrum.  You will find this site is dedicated to everything about Aspergers. Naturally, my first book – that started it all – Davids Gift  is available from Amazon or here on this site. You can read all about my story and our journey with Aspergers Syndrome from diagnosis right through to graduation.

Aspergers and Parenting – If you are a parent or someone who is caring for a child with Aspergers, this site is a resource for you. You will find an extensive list of articles in the right column that have been written about Aspergers Syndrome and Autism and always from a parent’s point of view. I add to this list weekly (sometimes more) so bookmark the site as a reference guide.

Aspergers and School – As a parent of a child with Aspergers, you know what its like to struggle with your child’s teachers, specialists and family members to get them to understand your child’s uniqueness. You are not alone many parents find this challenging – myself included. Now you can download this simple tool that any parent can use to help bridge the gap with the school system and your child – called the Free School Report. This is such a valuable tool to ease the stress for any child with Aspergers or Autism in the school system. Just fill out the box on the right and we will send you regular newsletters as well as a link to the Free School Report.  It is a very powerful tool for parents.

Aspergers and Bullying – Over 80% of children on the Autism Spectrum will be bullied at some stage in their school lives. Unfortunately for children on the spectrum this is a very sad reality. So there are several articles and videos here on bullying and you can check out my new book: Aspergers, Bullying and School.

Aspergers Online Learning – Our on-line program is – Food, Family and Life on the SpectrumYour Ultimate Autism and Asperges Health and Happiness Roadmap. This program is a first of its kind in the world.  You get the most up to date information on food as it relates to a child on the spectrum, a special section just for Dads on the journey, plus a personal empowerment program designed especially for mums on the journey with a child on the spectrum. Through this new program you will get plenty of insights and regain energy and confidence in your role as a mother raising a child on the Spectrum.

Public Speaking – Inquire about booking me as Speaker for your next event by sending me an email.  I actively speak and work with Universities, Schools, Professional Groups as well as parents and carers in understanding the Aspergers journey from a family perspective. 

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