Scott James

I came across this video today from the English TV programme, The X Factor. Scott James was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was 13 years old, and other than going to school, spent the next seven years hiding from the world, as he developed a fear of being around people. His mother recognised that he loved singing and so enlisted the help of a singing teacher. His performance is not only a celebration of the talent a wonderful young man, but also proves how a mother’s intuition and guidance can have such an impact.

Those seven years must have been tough for Scott’s Mum, but it shows that when you know in your heart that something is right for your child, then that’s what you do. Bravo, hats off and standing ovation for Scott’s mum, his singing teacher,and most of all Scott. It would have taken an extraordinary amount of courage and self-belief to perform as he did. Grab the tissues!!

I haven’t been able to find much information about Scott, but you can download his single ‘Bring Him Home’, from Itunes.

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