Top 4 Strategies to Empower your Child Against Bullying

Bullying is in the media constantly at the present time and whilst many schools and workplaces have introduced anti-bullying programmes, the fact is this bullying is actually getting worse, not better. Bullying has now become so endemic in our society it has now filtered into nearly every single aspect of our life, and when ever I speak to groups, about ASD or raising children or even to corporate organizations on self-leadership, it is the one topic that raises such extreme emotions.

However, whilst it is difficult to stamp out bullying, as parents we have the ability to raise our children with skills to empower them to deal effectively with bullying. This is especially critical for those of us who have a child diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. I am not aware of any research studies into the incidence of bullying and a child on the spectrum, but I am pretty sure the figures would be very high. Our children are natural targets for bullies, because of their difference, their inability to understand other peoples emotions and intentions, language delays, obsessive natures and often because of their desire to have friends, at any cost.

But, in my experience bullying is just not reserved for an ASD child, bullying also happens to high achievers and girls can often be the worst bullying perpetrators. So in this video I will share with you the top four strategies we used to help our children to overcome bullying; to maintain their sense of confidence and self-worth, and to empower them to create their own strategies to effectively deal with bullies throughout their lives. Because whilst we would like to think that bullying will go away, it is not going to. Whilst we have used many different strategies over the years, these four were the ones we found most successful.

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