ASD – 3 Quick Tips to Help Survive Term 4

In my experience as both a mum with a child on the autism spectrum, and as somebody who worked in a school, it always appeared to me that if anything was going to happen… it was going to happen in Term 4. Exams, Tests, Reporting, preparations for school concerts and award ceremonies, often more Relief teachers than normal, not to mention changes in the weather.. all enough to cause stress for our children on the spectrum

Below is a video with 3 quick tips to help survive Term 4.

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  1. Term 4 is defiantly the worst term of the year! We now have several copies of his letter about himself to give to any surprise relief teachers, and his note in his pencil case to hand in to the front office on days when he feels he cant cope, and they will ring us and he can come home. Fingers crossed we get through term 4 with less bumps this year! (so wish we lived closer, we would be at your seminars in a heart beat!)

    Fiona Bray
    9:11 pm on October 24th, 2011

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