Autism and Parenting – Yes! You are Stressed, A Study to Prove it!

In a recent study into the stress levels of parents raising a child on the Autism Spectrum, the results were astounding.

Many parents, mothers in particular, are truly struggling with the challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum and are showing stress levels that are as high as those suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder… are you one of them?

In this video today,  I share the results of this survey and how to help cope with the stress that comes from the challenge of raising a child of difference.

I would love to hear how you cope with your stress and some of the strategies that you have used in the past to ensure that can be the ‘cornerstone’ of the family!  Please feel free to post comments in the box below.


2 Responses to “Autism and Parenting – Yes! You are Stressed, A Study to Prove it!”

  1. I have not yet found out how to make time to care for myself. My son is 7 with high functioning autism and my husband and I work in the medical field. We do not have family here and have not made many close friends as my son gets very upset when I talk to others in his presence. We are busy, we are tired and we are stressed. We love my son and his 4 year old sister more than anything (like any parent) but today was a really tough day and I’ve silently declared my New Years resolution is to get some help. I stumbled upon your YouTube video and cried as I heard what you had to say. Thank you. I plan to read your book.

    10:58 am on January 2nd, 2013
  2. Hi Julie,
    Welcome to our site. You are in good company here, so many parents are in exactly the same place as you are. If you are on Facebook our Asperger’s Parent Connect page is a place where you can connect with others going through exactly the same emotions as you are. It is a road well traveled by so many of us. For me, the realization that the ‘stress’ I was feeling was real and normal,allowed me to move forward towards wholeness and authenticity. Back then, I kept thinking there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t coping. I can now see how so much of my life during that time was dominated by stress and feelings of in-confidence. It’s such a powerful feeling to know that what I was living through was highly stressful, and the feelings I had because of that were perfectly normal. As parents we are way too hard on ourselves, thinking we have to cope with it all. Taking time for you, and your relationship, is imperative because it is then that both of your children will benefit. Much love to you, please feel free to connect and ask any questions you need answers to. Sallyxo

    11:33 am on January 3rd, 2013

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