Top 3 Tips for Dealing with Bullying and Aspergers!

If there is one issue that just drives an arrow into the heart of a parent of a child living with Aspergers Syndrome, its bullying!

The Centre for Autism Studies at Bond University on Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia has been conducting a research study into bullying and children on the spectrum… and I talk about some of their shocking findings in this video.

However, as much as it can hurt us and make us angry (rightly so!), when we know our child is being bullied, for their sake we cannot allow emotion to cloud the issue. In order to help our children to develop bully-resilience we have to use wisdom and good sound practise, to help them to develop bully-resilience for life. Unfortunately, because they are different and they take others actions so literally, they are often the target of bullying – and those bullies are not reserved for the school yard only.  So it is our role as their parents to put our ‘adult hat on’ and create solutions that are in the best interests of our child.  Solutions that will help them develop the ability to be bully-resilient at they get older.

In this video today, I share three of my top strategies for helping your ASD child develop bully-resilience – all from my new e-book Aspergers, Bullying & School – Helping your ASD child develop Bully-resilience for School and for Life

Here is the link for ordering  Aspergers, Bullying and Schools – Helping Your Child Develop Bully-Resilience at School and for Life  Its a quick read packed with tons of tips and strategies to help your child develop empowering skills to deal with bullies.

Has your child experienced bullying at school?  Do you feel that they have been supported?  I would love to hear your story♥

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