Looking at Aspergers & Autism Through Different Eyes

Sometimes we all need time away – don’t you think?

Last week I had the opportunity to spend an amazing six whirlwind days in San Diego California.  I was there to attend two conferences and also be interviewed for Good Morning San Diego, promoting David’s Gift in the US.

During my time there I had the opportunity to spend some time with a Spiritual mentor Esperanza Universall, who reminded me of something I had forgotten … or perhaps just honed what I had been thinking for a while.

While those in the Science and Medical professions continue to talk about the rise in the numbers of children being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, I believe we need to look at this differently.  Perhaps we, the neuro-typical community who need to look at the world we have created.. Perhaps those living with Aspergers and Autism are here to remind us just how disconnected and desensitized we have all become.  I welcome your thoughts and your comments

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