Asperger’s and Cyberbulling -Tips to Help Keep your Child Safe

One of the most challenging issues facing many parents, is how to keep their child living with Aspergers and/or Autism safe from bullying and in particular, safe from cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is one of the most challenging issues facing young people today.  The on-line world is often a safe haven for children living on the Autism Spectrum. They often feel more comfortable in that on-line world, as they are  able to interact with young people just like them, without the added issues of having to understand body-language or be stressed with extraneous noise.  

However, it can also be thwart with potential danger, as some young people do not extend the normal courtesies of compassion and understanding to their computer screen. Many people seem at a loss to truly understand what is cyberbullying and its consequences because it is a relatively new concept that our children have to face.  But, as social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  continue to grow in popularity, so to do the potential incidents of cyberbullying.

I am speaking on this topic at the SAAIF Autism Conference coming up on 1 and 2 August in Victoria.  Not only will I be sharing the stage with extraordinary people living with Autism and Aspergers, including John Elder Robison, Wendy Lawson, Donna Williams and Chris Varney, but there will be many teachers and parents at the conference all seeking ideas on how to both protect children living with Aspergers from Bullying and Cyberbullying and seeking ideas to help them develop Bully-resilience.

The conference is also the place where I will be officially launching my new Asperger’s Bullying and School 18-part Video Library

Below is one of two videos in the 18-part series, which talks about cyberbullying and how you can protect your child on-line


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