ASD, Parents and Stress- A Tapping Sequence to Help

In this week’s video we talk stress!!!

Parents raising children living with Aspergers and Autism experience extremely high levels of stress.  Each week on the Aspergers Parent Connect Facebook page I host ‘Venting Wednesday’ an opportunity for parents to say how they really feel.  Many parents ‘edit’ their communication when dealing with others.  This is for a number of reasons but mostly because most people don’t understand how difficult raising a child on the spectrum can be.

A few weeks ago I created a Tapping Sequence to help your child deal with anxiety and stress – this week it’s all about you.

Tapping, EFT, or sometimes called Emotional Acupuncture can help reduce stress, allowing you to find the energy and strength to cope with each day.

For more information about Tapping just click here

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