Autism, Obsession into Passion – And an awesome outcome!

When my co-presenter for the Food, Family and Asperger’s seminars and very good friend, Kris Barrett’s son Tim was diagnosed with Autism, together with other  health issues at age two, Kris and her husband Graham faced what they thought was a very bleak future for their son.

Without a lot of answers or support from the medical community and after a chance conversation with another mum, Kris began exploring the idea that food intolerances could be causing  the more challenging aspects of the diagnosis, as well as many of Tim’s health issues.

Nine years later, in what has been a long, challenging and many times frustrating journey, many of Tim’s health issues have all but disappeared.  Today Tim is a healthy, active young man – still living with autism – but he is in mainstream school and about to enter a new era of Middle School. Achievements and milestones that nine years ago seemed impossible.

Kris now  has became passionate about how food can impact on health and now runs the very successful program and website Nourish Me.  It is the reason that Kris and I teamed up in the beginning.  I believe that unless we can get the food allergies and intolerances under control for our children, then all other strategies are really like pushing a heavy barrow up hill with the brakes on!  I am a great believer that medication does not solve anything for our children, and we must seek ways in which we can lower anxiety and stress levels as much as possible.  Food is one way,  Tapping is another and why today I am so passionate about both!

Recently Kris created a video something very special, and I wanted to share it with you. Tim, like many children living on the spectrum, has an obsession… and that obsession is planes, in particular, army planes, and in particular planes that were flown during the two world wars.  Kris and Graham, have allowed and supported him to explore that obsession.  Tim is now passionate about the history of war.  Ask him about any conflicts and he can tell you dates, places and the types of planes that were flown at the time!

And, Tim has written stories about those times  – and his mum, wanting to encourage him to write – had some of Tim’s stories published.  She talks about them in this video.

The reason I want to share this with you, is that these extraordinary children bring into this world an exceptional gift. It is up to us as parents to help these young people navigate this very strange and confusing world.  It is also our role as parents, to help our children to become the best possible people they can be  and that includes seeking out therapies that enhance their health and well being.  

Tim may have a brilliant career as a writer, and then again he may not… he may have a brilliant career as a War Historian… but then again he may not.  BUT by Kris and Graham doing all they can to support Tim,  in his passion, he no doubt will be extremely successful in what ever he chooses to do.


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