Bullying and your ASD Child – What you can do!

Over 87% of children living with Autism and Aspergers will experience bullying at some time in their lives.

As a parent – it is one of the most heart-breaking things you can ever go through.  There is nothing more painful than knowing that you are sending your child to school each day – and they are not only isolated but often bullied.

The problem is, that bullying is not going to go away.  No matter how many ‘stamp bullying’ campaigns exist – for our children – often the most marginalized, the change that people are talking about, will be too late for them.  Because long after they have left school, they will still have to deal with people in the world who just don’t get it!

But you can do something! By deciding that you are going to teach your child bully-resilience!

It’s not a magic fix, nor a cure-all, and it takes a while.  But when your child grasps it… you know, just gets it – you will be so glad you did. It is a skill you are giving them for life.

In this video today I share three of my top tips in helping your child develop bully-resilience, not only at school but for life.

So why not take advantage of the special.

 When you purchase a copy of David’s Gift e-book, I will send you a copy of the e-book Asperger’s Bullying and School – Helping your child develop bully-resilience at school and for life  – absolutely free.

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