Tapping for Test Stress (NAPLAN)

Next week thousands of children in Australia will sit for the annual NAPLAN tests –  National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy  for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Whilst schools try and downplay the importance of the tests, the way in which schools run ‘practice’ test and the fact that the school’s results are often celebrated – the kids can’t help but feel the pressure – especially those who are highly sensitive or high achievers.

Your child’s stress may show up in behavior – they may tell you they feel sick in their tummy, or they have a pain.  They may act a little more aggressively towards their siblings (or you) or they may refuse to go to school – all classic ‘flight/fight or freeze responses to heightened stress levels.

In this video, is share a tapping sequence that you can use for your child if you feel they are feeling anxious or nervous about the test.

If you can, try and pick up on the words they are using and it will make the tapping sequence even more powerful

Here also, is a diagram of some of the tapping points


Tapping Points

Click here to read a great article on what ‘tapping’ on the meridian points means

Click here to read some of the science and research behind tapping

 Let me know how you go with this, and I would love your thoughts or suggestions


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