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David’s Gift – Aspergers, Life & Love

One Family’s Inspirational Journey from Diagnosis to Graduation

The book that is changing lives and changing attitudes

about Aspergers & children on the spectrum


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 David's Gift book

David’s Gift – “No matter where you are on the journey of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum, whether it’s coming to terms with the diagnosis, trying to get other family members to understand your ASD child or struggling to help teachers to realise the challenges your child faces at school – the overwhelming message is simply this:

“Yes ..there is a light at the end of the tunnel!”


David’s Gift tells the story – from the grief and sadness we

experienced following our son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, to the unbelievable elation and joy of watching him walk across the stage to shake the hand of the University Vice-Chancellor at his graduation ceremony.

It is a honest account of the challenges we faced and overcame. But most of all it is about the lessons we learned over the years and used to create the lives we now live. In the process I learned such a profound truth – that Aspergers was, in fact, a gift and it became so because of my son. Yes, Aspergers and my son changed me and as a result, I became a better parent and also in the end a better person. 

This book lays out the journey, shows the way, for any parent to take up the challenge and find the gift there is in raising a child with a difference. Beyond the pain and judgements – there is the peace and love.

So how is it different from other books about Asperger’s Syndrome?

David’s Gift explains how we helped our son emerge from a sad, bullied child in Year 10 who dropped out of school … to now living an extraordinary life as a university graduate (with a degree). This is the story from diagnosis to graduation. Like many parents, we were told by the school system he had learning difficulties and “couldn’t be taught”.  How wrong they were!  Today our son has a degree, has traveled the world and is in a loving relationship living and working in his dream job overseas.

The book – David’s Gift – also tells the story of our family:

How we turned our lives around to find joy, happiness and love.

– How we ensured our other two daughters to grew to be compassionate, loving and successful young women.

– How my husband and I created a loving, happy relationship, that is still going strong over 31 years later.

– How I also found my sense of purpose, becoming a much better mother than I thought possible.

David’s Gift is all about the realities of parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum, who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, whilst raising two other children, working to hold a marriage together and searching to find balance, sanity and happiness.

There were times when I wasn’t sure whether to ‘tell all’, but in order for you to truly understand the power of where we are now, I had to be honest about where we came from, how hard it got and how we got to where we are now.

That is the emotional theme of this book. It’s a love story about a son and his family. It shows that the journey out of any fractured human situation is always through growth that comes from love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness. This is a simple approach to the age old question of “how to be happy“.

The book is filled with stories and insights that will make you laugh, make you cry and make your heart sing. And for many will also find your story in this book. You see, you are not alone. Many parents have found that the book can be shared with family members, friends and their child’s teachers to help them truly understand what you are going through.

Whilst our family may be different to yours, as parents of a child on the spectrum, we have all:

Travelled the same path as you are on right now.

Experienced every emotion you are feeling at this moment.

And have been at the same point in the journey that you are living today.


Many parents of a child on the spectrum who have read the book, David’s Gift, have found it to be a benefit in other ways also. In particular:

It helped them communicate with their friends and family the challenges that they are really going through.

Assisted them to develop real strategies that work in a real family, in a real home!

Empowered them to create a key collaborative relationship with their child’s teachers and the school system. Many used the School Report as their key starting point.

The book demonstrates that “judgements” have no place in life – especially in that of any child on the Autism Spectrum.

And it inspired many parents to see the gifts that their own child brings to them and to the world.


“David’s Gift – holds something for every parent. A must read!”


“A beautifully written, heart warming story. I’ve passed it on to everyone I know who works with children.”
Jeannine Porter, Frankston, Australia

“Raw emotion. Made me scrutinise my own outlook on life. Compelling reading, beautifully written. I just want to applaud at the end.”
Jo Damen, Melbourne, Australia

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 Autism Awareness Month Special graphic


87% of ASD children are bullied

…and the uncomfortable truth is that bullying is getting worse!

Several bullying research and bullying statistics reports now show that 87% of children on the spectrum are bullied. 

This sad fact is addressed in a new book by Sally Thibault and shows parents how they can help their child on the Autism Spectrum or living with Aspergers, to become bully resilient for school and … for life.

The good news for parents, carers and school teachers is that there is something that you can do. In this cutting edge book, Sally Thibault brings the combination of her experience as a mother and her experience in the school system along with the latest University research & bullying statistics to bear upon one of the most unsettling problems of our times. Bullying!  

 This issue is not going away and the “rules” that are in place do not save our children. Never has there been a more pressing time for parents of children on the Spectrum, or with Autism or Aspergers to intervene for the sake of their children


Autism Awareness Month Special graphic


 “I cried on the plane reading David’s Gift. Nearly finished. Great moments you shared and having your insight and your wisdom is real gift to me. The book has helped me immensely. Thank you Sally.”

Melissa Groom,

Toddlers to Teens TV Show

“Reading Sally Thibault’s book ‘David’s Gift’, a great and ‘must’ read book for any mother/parent in today’s world!!! Thanks Sally for your wonderful writing.”

Susanne Ridolfi,

Nikken Wellness Systems

“David’s Gift’ is unique as far as I’m concerned, in that it is the real-life journey from infancy to adulthood of a young man who is still finding his feet in a world which does not fit him. It is told from the perspective of a mum, whose own struggles and triumphs leap from the pages with raw emotion and hard-earned practical wisdom. I am grateful for Sally’s book both as a resource for clients and for its gift to us as an intimate insight into the life of a family wrestling with the challenges and costs that the desire for authentic relationship brings.”
Peter H Brown
Clinical Psychologist
Brisbane, Australia