The Bully Healing Project

How to heal the pain of bullying with Tapping

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 1.  What is Tapping and how it works

 2.  Tapping to deal with the sadness of Bullying

 3.  Tapping for Anger 

 4.  Tapping for Frustration


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WHAT IS TAPPING - Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is based on the ancient healing modality of acupuncture or acupressure. In this video Sally shares how tapping works, with a demonstration of where the tapping points are.

RELEASING THE SADNESS OF BULLYING In this video Sally shares a tapping sequence to help your child overcome the sadness of bullying. This helps your child to move from tears to happiness and confidence quickly and effortlessly.

LETTING GO OF THE ANGER In this video Sally shares a tapping sequence to help your child overcome the anger of bullying. Releasing anger in an empowering, healthy way is the first step to giving your child their power back.

HELPING TO EMPOWER YOU - Sally shares a tapping sequence to help you deal with your own feelings of helplessness and frustration when your child is experiencing bullying. When you can release those feelings, you will be free to create wise, intuitive strategies to help your child.


 Your Presenter:

Sally Thibault

Sally Thibault is a Professional Speaker and Counsellor, Author and EFT Practitioner She is the author of three books and has been featured on Australian and US TV, Radio and Print Media. She is a Guest Lecturer and Curriculum Advisor at the University of South East Queensland, (USQ) and presents regularly at Conferences, Seminars and Professional Development days for Business owners, Educators, Parents and Health Professionals. She is passionate about changing the way Bullying is treated both in schools and in the community. She is currently the Parenting Expert on Radio 96.5 and Queensland’s Cancer Council Live Well, Be Well Radio and runs a busy and thriving EFT Coaching practice.


Other parents have this to say: 

To hear someone talk who knows and has been there.  Too often it is jargon from doctors and teachers who don’t live it.  Friends try but they don’t understand. Sally, has been there and her honest accounts speak more than anything else I have seen or read.
Shanine Collavino, Mundoolun

This session improved our understanding, you could say “the penny dropped”
Sally & Fergus, Burleigh Waters



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