87% of ASD children are bullied

Bullying book  coverThe uncomfortable truth is that bullying is getting worse.

Several bullying research and bullying statistics reports now show that 87% of children on the spectrum are bullied. 

This sad fact is addressed in a new book by Sally Thibault and shows parents how they can help their child on the Autism Spectrum or living with Aspergers, to become bully resilient for school and … for life.

The good news for parents, carers and school teachers is that there is something that you can do. In this cutting edge book, Sally Thibault brings the combination of her experience as a mother and her experience in the school system along with the latest University research & bullying statistics to bear upon one of the most unsettling problems of our times. Bullying!  

 This issue is not going away and the “rules” that are in place do not save our children. Never has there been a more pressing time for parents of children on the Spectrum, or with Autism or Aspergers to intervene for the sake of their children.

Solutions to bullying for parents, carers and teachers

If your child is experiencing school bullying or cyberbullying – anywhere or anytime – then 

Click on this link to visit the Bullying Video Library and watch the Bullying Video. 

You will hear first hand from author Sally Thibault how the new 18 Video Bullying Library and the book Aspergers Bullying and School can provide real solutions for you and your child to deal with bullies. 


Sally’s new book on bullying is available in eBook format for immediate download here.

Aspergers Bullying and School
Aspergers Bullying and School
Download the PDF file version that is readable on your computer, tablet or eBook reader. This file is NOT printable.
Price: $9.95

Testimonial:  I LOVED this book! And would tell every parent with a child with Aspergers to get a copy, even if its not relevant now, have it near by as the chances are, unfortunately, you will most likely need it at some stage. I also think every teacher should have to read it, not once but at the start of every school year, to remind them, to keep it fresh in their minds when dealing with the Aspergers children in their care, and to better understand the parents as well.”                        Fiona in Mount Gambier