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Your Ultimate Autism & Aspergers Guide to Health & Happiness

Welcome and Thank you for choosing to spend some time with us.

“We honor and acknowledge you – and the special role of parents who have a child living on the spectrum. We also acknowledge the dedication of all the other care-givers in that child’s world – the extended family, teachers and professionals who give of themselves to make life easier for all involved. To you and all who participate in these efforts to make this world a better place for one more child on the spectrum – we dedicate our work and this webinar to you.”


General Information about the Webinar

The webinar you have registered for is about 40 minutes in length. Sally is the host and will introduce the various subjects and the other two speakers – Kris & Gerry.  At the bottom of the webinar page is a section where you can post a question.  We will answer as many as possible on the day and certainly will answer every single question within a few days.

Meanwhile, if you would like to see what else we have been doing – join us and many other parents on Facebook at Aspergers Parent Connect.  Also have a look around – this site is the Official Website of Sally Thibault and all the links are at the top of the page. Kris Barrett can be found here: www.nourishmehealth.com.au

If you need to contact us – just click here to email us

See you on the webinar,

Kris, Gerry & Sally