Food, Family and Life on the Spectrum Program

Your Ultimate Autism & Aspergers Roadmap to Health and Happiness

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Food Family & Life on the Spectrum Program

Your program includes all of the following:      

1. Food Family and Aspergers Video Presentations (4-videos)
2. Food Changes Everything – 6 week program (6 written PDF modules, one per week)
3. Life Beyond Judgements – 6 week program (6 videos & 6 written PDF modules, one per week)
4. Access to the Facebook group – Aspergers Parent Connect
5. Exclusive Bonus – Free Download of the eBook –Aspergers Bullying and School


Start Here:

 Food Family and Aspergers Video Presentation (4 videos)

These four videos were recorded live from the seminar series. Access to these videos is only available to you via the links on this page. So you may want to book mark this page so you can come back here as this is a private page. So when you would like to view one of the videos simply click on the video below and it will play that video.  (click icon on the bottom right to make it full screen)


FOOD CHANGES EVERYTHING - Kris talks about the gut – brain connection and how it affects a child’s behaviour. What is a “healthy” food – reading labels and understanding what your kids are really eating. Food additives and what does a healthy lunchbox look like and how you can do it quickly and easily. After hearing Kris, you'll see why and how food changes everything.

MASTERING FATHERHOOD - Gerry shares his insights about fathering a child on the Autism Spectrum. On this video he talks about the 7 Key Steps that all fathers must know to have a meaningful relationship with his child on the spectrum. This talk starts with reminding fathers to stop trying to "fix" it, so that they can come to understand the real meaning of the word "ALLOW" in terms of a child on the spectrum.


BULLYING AND SCHOOL - Over 80% of children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum will experience bullying at some stage of their lives… not just at school, so whilst the schools and the community must work together to try and combat the incidents of bullying, teaching your child to develop bully-resilience is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, not just at school, but also for life. In this session Sally shares some of her top tips from her latest book.


HOW TO WORK WITH SCHOOLS - It takes a village to raise a child – and especially in the case of raising and teaching a child on the Austism Spectrum. Teachers and parents must work together collaboratively for the best possible outcome for your child. In this session Sally uses her experience working in a school with strategies to help parents to create great working partnerships with their child’s school.


 Food Changes Everything  – 6 week program

Each Module of this program is emailed to you weekly over the next 6 weeks. The first module will be emailed to you this Friday and each subsequent module will be emailed to you on the Friday of the following week. (every seven days) This is automatic so you only need to check your email every Friday for the next module.

Week One we start with a look at WHY diet can help Autism & Aspergers kids and have a quick lesson on the Gut-Brain connection.

Week Two you’ll receive a whole host of meal ideas, recipes and meal planners plus a list of products and brands that are allowed on the diet and where to buy them. 

Week Three – how you can eat out on a Special Diet and all the fast food places and what’s legal on their menu. I’ll also give you tips about how to modify meals at other restaurants plus how to balance a meal and what value Organic foods can have.

Week Four – Picky Eating strategies, new ways to introduce new foods to your child. How to make nutritious juices and smoothies plus more detail about chemicals and additives in your foods

 Week Five and we open up the lunchbox!  Great list of lunchbox ideas. Useful strategies on how to manage the special diet with your school or kindergarten. Plus – Water and what types of Fish are safest for your family, Vitamin D and how to alkalise your child’s body to get maximum impact from the dietary changes. Plus more recipes!

Week Six – a little about cravings and how other seemingly “healthy foods” that may be causing problems. Fun special diet party, some basic strategies for creating a healthy home and also a great list of resources that will help you along your way as you continue the journey.


3 Life Beyond Judgements – 6 week program

Each Module of this program is emailed to you each week automatically over the next 6 weeks. The first module will be emailed to you this Friday and each subsequent module will be emailed to you on the Friday of the following week. (every seven days) This is automatic so you only need to check your email every Friday for the next module. Each module contains a video with the main content and a written PDF document of supporting information. 

Week One Video – Journaling and Deciding What is Important for Your Child Video + PDF. We look at what is important for you. What drives you. This first part of the program is designed so it can be done while you are waiting to pick the kids up from school or just in those last 10 minutes before you go to bed. However, this first module is really important because it lays the foundation and truly does remind you why you do what you do.

Week Two Video – Creating Clarity & Choosing a One-Word Theme Video + PDF. This module is all about creating a one word theme for your life that is just so powerful. If you are somebody who struggles sometimes with having too many things in your life to do… you are going to love this module.

Week Three Video – The Power of your Words Video + PDF. We look at the power of language. Language is so critical for our children on the spectrum – and our internal and external language is what creates our reality. When you are able to look at this objectively and in connection with the work you’ve done in week one, you will be able to see how powerful your language is and how it can, by changing a few simple things, change your life.

Week Four Video – Discovering Your Personal Energy Bank Video + PDF.  This week is all about how to discover why some things cause such stress in your life. When you understand this simple tool, it will help you make more sense of the world around you. 

Week Five Video – Physical Strength & Fitness Video + PDF. This  module is all about finding time to exercise –the best exercise(s) you should do for the best benefits, what works and what doesn’t work.  

Week Six Video – Spiritual Strength & Fitness Video + PDF. How to be truly centred. How you can trust your intuition to always guide you so you are strong and always know what is the right decision for you and your child – no matter what!  

 Private Facebook group – you will have access to Sally and Kris via the Facebook page named Aspergers Parent Connect.  The moderators of this group are Sally & Kris. As part of your membership in this program you will have 24 hour access to this Facebook page where the public and other people with children on the spectrum can interact.  So everything within this page is public. If you would like to access Sally or Kris for a private issue – use their email address. Sally and Kris will be available on this page regularly to answer your questions, to support you and to hear your comments. So to be added to the group simply Click this link.


Exclusive Bonuses  

Bonus No 1 – Free Download of the eBook – Aspergers Bullying and School. Bullying has become a consistent issue for parents with children on the spectrum. By now, you know that the research is just catching up with the reality – that “most” children on the spectrum are bullied. Sally’s eBook targets this growing issue and points the way for parents to help make their children bully-resilient. Download the eBook here.



If you need to get in contact here are our contact emails:  

Click here for Kris, Click here for Gerry and Click here for Sally 

Join us and many other parents on our public page on Facebook – Aspergers Parent Connect

 The Presenters:


Kris is Certified Nutrition & Health coach and received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in the USA. She is also a Certified GAPS Practitioner.  Her son Tim, age 10, was diagnosed with Autism in 2004. Kris started dietary and biomedical intervention a few months later. Tim is now mainstreamed at school with his peers and has made amazing progress. Her passion is diet and lifestyle changes which have been the backbone of Tim’s recovery. Her specialty is working with families of kids with Autism and ADD to make healthy and healing dietary changes in their lives. Visit


Gerry Thibault

Gerry is a successful award winning commercial real estate agent and artist, but his greatest achievements have been developing a warm, close relationship with his children and a happy 31 year marriage with Sally.  Gerry shares his views and insights on Aspergers in a family setting from a father’s point of view. The journey can be different and difficult for fathers and is often not spoken about. And yet, acknowledgement and understanding of the father’s role is vital for all parties involved.


Sally Thibault - Food, Family & Life on the Spectrum

Sally is a Speaker and Author, Aspergers Parenting Specialist and a Professional Counsellor. She is the author  of three books – David’s Gift,  Aspergers Bullying and School and Wisemothers – The Parable. Her first book, Davids Gift is the inspirational true story of her family’s journey following her son’s diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.   Considered to be a ‘pioneer’ ASD parent, Sally has lived the journey, helping her son emerge from being an unhappy, bullied Year 10 dropout – to a university graduate, a world traveller and now in a relationship with his soul mate.  Sally specializes in helping parents cut through the overwhelm by creating down to earth, simple and effective strategies to help their child through the most difficult years. Sally is also a a guest lecturer at the University of Southern Qld and Research Partner with The Centre for Autism Studies, Bond University. Visit:




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