Online Counselling


Sally is available for online counselling. For many people who live with Aspergers and Autism there is little opportunity to consult with someone who has lived with and been through the experience of autism in a family. One of the main areas of daily concern is children and their experiences in the school system. Sally has been there and has counselled many parents and helped then to improve their child’s experience with the school system and everyone involved.

In addition to her public speaking and lectures, Sally is also a qualified counsellor and holds a diploma in Professional Counselling. She worked in Educational Marketing for 10 years at Saint Stephen’s College and served as the Vice President of ADAPE Queensland (Association of Development Professionals in Education) from 2004 till 2008 and presented at three ADAPE International Conferences – Perth 2004, Auckland 2006 and Queensland 2008. When it comes to Aspergers and schooling – Sally has been there.


1. If you want to be able to access online counselling, you need to sign up first. Click here to do this. Once completed you will receive an email with your username name and password.

2. Login to the Davids Gift website on the homepage or click here. This will give you access to the site for booking and accessing your online counseling session.

3. Book a Session – once logged in you will have access to the online timetable and booking system.

4. Pay for your session. Once you’ve confirmed your time and date, you’ll be directed to a secure online payment page where you can pay using Paypal or your credit card. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email of your payment and session details.

5. At the scheduled time use your Skype software to dial and access Sally for your session.

Should you have questions about online counseling – please email us here.