David’s Gift’ is unique as far as I’m concerned, in that it is the real-life journey from infancy to adulthood of a young man who is still finding his feet in a world which does not fit him. It is told from the perspective of a mum, whose own struggles and triumphs leap from the pages with raw emotion and hard-earned practical wisdom. I am grateful for Sally’s book both as a resource for clients and for its gift to us as an intimate insight into the life of a family wrestling with the challenges and costs that the desire for authentic relationship brings.
Peter H Brown
Clinical Psychologist
Brisbane, Australia

How inspiring! My son is thirteen turning fourteen and I have been to thinking about what his future will hold. This story has inspired me to help guide my son into a career that he will love, to take what he is good at now and nurture it into a wonderful future for my son. Anything is possible.
Thank You
Annette Cannon

Hi Sally,
My Husband and I attended your seminar yesterday. Listening to your story has touched me so deeply as I felt as though you were telling my story. My husband and I have been separated for just over 1 year now and I do a lot of the battles on my own. My husband Phillip cannot understand Noah and would constantly put him down so I asked him to leave the family home as my children come first, but I am sure after hearing your story yesterday he has seen a different light on Asperger’s. Sally you have inspired me in so many ways I can’t begin to describe, I bought 2 copies of your book yesterday and I have already finished mine, and my mother is half way through her copy. Noah is a beautiful little boy whom I love with my whole heart and soul, He has just been accepted to attended main stream Prep next year which is terrifying me to pieces and I am so frightened that if I could wrap in my arms and protect him I would for the rest of his life but as you taught me yesterday Asperger’s is a gift and and I must walk with my boy to help him. Thank you again Sally your words have meant so much to me
Linda (name withheld due to privacy)
Caboolture Qld

A beautifully written, heart warming story. I’ve passed it on to everyone I know who works with children.
Jeannine Porter
Frankston, Australia

Raw emotion. Made me scrutinise my own outlook on life. Compelling reading, beautifully written. I just want to applaud at the end.
Jo Damen
Melbourne, Australia

Sally was a great guest – warm and articulate and “sold” her book extremely well. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to Sally and her family
Pam Barnes
Executive Producer
Network 10, The Circle

Dear Sally

I cannot thank you enough for this afternoon; you did a superb job.

I did not call for calls and truly it is impossible to predict when or if they will come in; had I asked for them there may well not have been any. I do know, however, from speaking engagements in the community that there is a strong feeling about and a great deal of interest in autism. Regardless of any of that, you handled them beautifully, a true professional.
Take care
Elaine Harris
Afternoon Show Presenter
ABC Northern Tasmania

Hello Sally, I thoroughly enjoyed your message! I will look forward to reading your book! Today I am writing to tell you that I posted your fabulous interview on my website http://www.autismhwy.com We will hopefully improve the state of awareness over here in the U.S. Thankyou for your BRILLIANT INSIGHT and ADVICE! It will help so many!
From: Kelly Green

Subject: wonderful T.V. appearance!

19 October 2011
I would like to recommend Sally Thibault, author and parent, without qualification as a speaker for your next event.

Sally was one of our key note speakers at the 2011 national Australian Guidance and Counseling Conference in Brisbane. Participants at this conference were school psychologists, counselors and guidance offices from across Australia.

Sally is the author of David’s Gift, and is a parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Sally spoke with passion, energy and conviction. She was able to take the audience on a moving journey as she openly spoke of the impact that ASD had on her family and clearly conveyed the rollercoaster of emotions at each stage of her journey.

She was articulate, personable and easily engaged her audience. Her presentation was creative, distinctive and professional. Feedback from the audience was very positive with 90% of participants evaluating her presentation in the high or very high category, with comments such as Sally was empowering, having a regular person with a story challenged the way I do my practice.

I would highly recommend Sally as a welcome addition to your next event.

Brian Day,

Conference Chair

I cried on the plane reading David’s Gift. Nearly finished. Great moments you shared and having your insight and your wisdom is real gift to me. The book has helped me immensely. Thank you Sally.

Melissa Groom,

Toddlers to Teens TV Show


Reading Sally Thibault‘s book ‘David’s Gift’, a great and ‘must’ read book for any mother/parent in today’s world!!! Thanks Sally for your wonderful writing.

Susanne Ridolfi,

Nikken Wellness Systems

Testimonials from the Seminars: Food, Family & Asperger’s

I feel so inspired! This event opened my eyes to focus on what’s important and to accept we have a very special and gifted child.  Our mission must be to do all we can to channel our energy into what will make our daughter happy and content

Andy Bennett, Runaway Bay

I am so happy to see the positives of having a child on the spectrum.  Letting or allowing my son to be who he is and to hold his hand on this journey.  Loved it

Stacey from  www.autismholisticdirectory.com.au

I really enjoyed listening to people who have lived and are living with children who have Asperger’s.

Jennie Maslen, Corinda

Good to know that you are not alone in what you are going through.  There is hope for a successful future

Belinda, Hope island

An affirmation to me that we are not alone, we are doing OK and to listen to my heart.  Great therapy to hear other’s stories and great to hear from a father’s perspective

Michelle Lines, Mullumbimby

We are not alone… its going to be OK!!

Matt and Shannon Long, Upper Coomera

 The session improved our understanding “the penny dropped”

Sally & Fergus Leslie, Burleigh Waters

 To hear someone talk who knows and has been there.  Too often it is jargon from doctors and teachers who don’t live with it.  Friends try but they don’t understand. Sally, Gerry and Kris have been there and their honest accounts speak more than anything else I have seen or read.

Shanine Collavino, Mundoolun

The seminar provided me with a sense of hope for the future.  It is obvious that Sally and Gerry have worked very hard with their son, and they should be very proud of the man he has become today

K Druve, Hawthorne

 Very user friendly seminar.  I wish I could have convinced my husband to attend.  Great to hear what is going on with us, others have experienced and success has eventuated

Glenyss, Bonogin

 After hearing your journeys you have reinforced that I have to encourage others to accept my son for who he is, no-one should try to change him.

Jenny Jenkinson, Robina

 The insight from a ‘Dad’s’ perspective was great and well put

Barbara White, Wongawallan

 I came away understanding that the food we feed our child does play a big part in how they behave and I was surprised on additives that are hidden in foods we think are OK.  I loved the seminar, thank you for sharing your stories with us

Trudy Leeke, Tallebudgera

 Hearing from a fathers perspective, was why my husband came with me and he was amazed to hear that we are not alone

 Kylie, Windaroo