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Sally is a Professional Speaker, EFT Practitioner & Author helping you live your life the way it was meant to be!

She works with women seeking peace, abundance and success in their personal and business lives, but feel there is something holding them back from achieving all they want

Her passion is also working with parents and teachers to help those living with Aspergers and Autism overcome anxiety, stress and bullying to live their best lives.

Through the power of Tapping, often called Emotional Acupuncture (without the needles!) Sally shares this incredibly powerful technique in her presentations that can help clear the blockages that stop you achieving what you want so you can live your life with joy, peace, success and abundance – the way it is supposed to be!

Tapping can help you deal with:

Money and Success Blocks ♥ Anxiety ♥ Stress ♥ Overcoming Bullying ♥  Relationship Challenges

She speaks at networking functions, sales training days, conferences, teacher in-service and professional development days. She is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland and Research Partner with The Centre for Autism Studies, Bond University.

Sally also offers one-on-one personal coaching either in person or via skype. Contact Sally here  to experience the power of Tapping!

♥David’s Gift, Asperger’s Life and Love -. The inspirational true story of the impact of the diagnosis of Asperger’s on our family and how it made us the family we are today

♥Asperger’s Bullying and School – How to Teach your ASD child to Develop Bully Resilience for School and For Life.

♥Wise Mothers – A Spiritual parable for women who are climbing the ladder of success


Sally Thibault’s Speaking Topics

Keynote Presentation for Corporate Groups, Conferences & Networking Groups


Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and Bully-Resilience

Keynote Speaker and Seminar Presenter on Asperger’s Syndrome ♦ Autism and the Impact on Families ♦ Asperger’s Syndrome and Bullying at School ♦ Workshops and Professional Development for School Staff and Teachers on teaching children with Asperger’s Syndrome ♦

Facebook: Aspergers Parent Connect   Tapping Changes Everything
Twitter: @SallyThibault

Food, Family & Aspergers

‘Talk to Someone Who’s Been There!
For families with children on the Autism Spectrum, the journey can feel overwhelming. However, the greatest wisdom will always come from those who have been there. This special Asperger’s seminar is presented by three professionals who are also parents with a child on the Autism Spectrum.

This seminar is designed for

♥Parents, carers, families and extended families with children on the autism spectrum
♥Classroom and Special Needs teacherws who work with ASD children.


Ideal Audience 

Sally especially loves to work with parents, educators, counsellors, business owners and medical professionals in all topics.


Sally is comfortable speaking in front of audiences as few as twenty five and as many as 5,000

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ZnP3q2CHcb85XDdVwTDSOQXIicp8QW_RvHBDdTiHDw4Sally Thibault   Dip. Prof. Counselling, ADAPEF

In 1979 Sally commenced her career as a Fitness instructor in Canada, a career she enjoyed for over 15 years. During that time she developed Aerobic Instructor Training courses, training over 400 aerobics instructors; hosted Canada’s first Cable TV fitness show; and facilitated the world’s largest indoor aerobic class 2,000 participants (Edmonton Canada 1982).

After returning to Australia with her husband, Sally developed seminars and keynote presentations on The Art of Losing Weight Permanently and Surviving Stress.

During this time, their eldest child David was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, resulting in a change in direction for her family and a change in career for her.

In 2000, she commenced a new career as the Director of Community Relations at Saint Stephen’s College Coomera, a position she held for ten years. During that time, she served as the Vice President of ADAPE Queensland (Association of Development Professionals in Education) from 2004 till 2008 and presented at three ADAPE International Conferences on the topics of Educational Marketing.

In April 2010 she released her first book; David’s Gift, the true story about how she changed from wishing to make her son ‘normal’, to recognising his unique difference and personality and in doing so enabled him to take his first steps towards a less fearful, more connected life.

Sally has been featured on the Channel 9’s Today Show, Network 10’s The Circle, Radio Stations ABC Gold Coast, Launceston and Central Coast, Radio Stations 96.7 and 91.7 Sunshine Coast, The Courier Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Gold Coast Sun. As well as a regular guest writer for online blogs and magazines and is  She is currently the Parenting Expert on Radio 96.5 and Cancer Queensland’s Live Well, Be Well Radio.

Sally is a Lecturer and Autism Adviser for the Education Faculty at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ)   She holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling, is an ADAPE Fellow, and a member of the Board of Trustees of The Goda Foundation; an educational foundation offering global education and leadership experiences for students.

 She also speaks on the topics of:

  • Discover Your Money Signature
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the impact on families & the classroom
  • How to help children living with Aspergers to be Bully-Resilience



Sally has a tremendous gift! I have had EFT sessions before but had not experienced the skilful way that Sally is able to drill down and get to the root of the blockage so swiftly and effectively. Having had the tendency to self sabotage for so long, it is so exciting to have the cause revealed and dispensed with by this beautiful, in tune lady. I now I believe that I can be the brightest fairy on the top of the Christmas tree! Thank you Sally!  

Lyn Traill

Sally is an excellent EFT Practitioner as her priority is to help her clients with their feelings and emotional strength. She is extremely personable with her colleagues and clients and is so trustworthy. The results that both myself and others are feeling with working with Sally is truly amazing and all credit goes to her with her natural way of improving people’s lives

Jan Sorrensen,

TKTN Gold Coast Branch Manager


Since September 2013 I have had Tapping Sessions with Sally and WOW what a change it has make in my business and personal life.

Debbie Majella Nolan

Formulator and Founder of The Door Of Youth


 I knew there was something holding me back, something as to why I couldn’t quite reach the levels of success I was so close to achieving, but I didn’t know what. Sally helped me find the what and the why and so much more … things I didn’t even realise had been bothering me and holding me back, and best yet, I now have the power, literally in my little tapping finger tips, to truly address any issues and move on.

Tanya Targett

A big thank you to Sally Thibault, not only an authentic, amazing person, but as a ‘tapping teacher’ (EFT not the Hot Shoe Shuffle kind) she is Brilliant… Thank you Sally    

Jackie Price

The Kitchen Table Network


A Massive thank you to Sally Thibault and her EFT modality. You are amazing and words of thanks just do not seem enough. 

Lisa Johnston,

Lisa Buys Your House


Conferences and Professional Development

I really enjoyed your two sessions and there were many positive comments I heard from delegates after you left. I was in a panel discussion on the Friday morning and your presentation was constantly raised for discussion points during that session. Thank you again for your significant contribution to what I felt was a very good conference .
John Collins Director of Community Relations
Nambour Christian College


19 October 2011
I would like to recommend Sally Thibault, author and parent, without qualification as a speaker for your next event.

Sally was one of our key note speakers at the 2011 national Australian Guidance and Counseling Conference in Brisbane. Participants at this conference were school psychologists, counselors and guidance offices from across Australia.

Sally is the author of David’s Gift, and is a parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Sally spoke with passion, energy and conviction. She was able to take the audience on a moving journey as she openly spoke of the impact that ASD had on her family and clearly conveyed the rollercoaster of emotions at each stage of her journey.

She was articulate, personable and easily engaged her audience. Her presentation was creative, distinctive and professional. Feedback from the audience was very positive with 90% of participants evaluating her presentation in the high or very high category, with comments such as Sally was empowering, having a regular person with a story challenged the way I do my practice.

I would highly recommend Sally as a welcome addition to your next event.

Brian Day,

Conference Chair

Associated Christian schools recently held their annual Leaders Retreat. One of the presenters at our Retreat this year was Sally Thibault. Sally presented a workshop on “Marketing your School in Challenging Times”.
During the workshop the audience were actively engaged and proactive participants Sally Thibault was an extremely valuable presenter at our Retreat, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a presenter.
Lynne Doneley,
Executive Officer
Associated Christian Schools



Sally was a great guest – warm and articulate and “sold” her book extremely well. Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to Sally and her family
Pam Barnes
Executive Producer
Network 10, The Circle

Dear Sally

I cannot thank you enough for this afternoon; you did a superb job.

I did not call for calls and truly it is impossible to predict when or if they will come in; had I asked for them there may well not have been any. I do know, however, from speaking engagements in the community that there is a strong feeling about and a great deal of interest in autism. Regardless of any of that, you handled them beautifully, a true professional.
Take care
Elaine Harris
Afternoon Show Presenter
ABC Northern Tasmania

David’s Gift’ is unique as far as I’m concerned, in that it is the real-life journey from infancy to adulthood of a young man who is still finding his feet in a world which does not fit him. It is told from the perspective of a mum, whose own struggles and triumphs leap from the pages with raw emotion and hard-earned practical wisdom. I am grateful for Sally’s book both as a resource for clients and for its gift to us as an intimate insight into the life of a family wrestling with the challenges and costs that the desire for authentic relationship brings.
Peter H Brown
Clinical Psychologist
Brisbane, Australia

I cried on the plane reading David’s Gift. Nearly finished. Great moments you shared and having your insight and your wisdom is real gift to me. The book has helped me immensely. Thank you Sally.

Melissa Groom,

Empowered Mums

Reading Sally Thibault’s book ‘David’s Gift’, a great and ‘must’ read book for any mother/parent in today’s world!!! Thanks Sally for your wonderful writing.

Susanne Ridolfi,

Nikken Wellness Systems

Dear Sally,

My Husband and I attended your presentation in Victoria recently.

I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful we think you are and to thank you for sharing your journey.  We learned so much from your presentation and you have inspired us to be better parents and to teach with love.

It has been such a daunting and emotional time for us all after our beautiful son was diagnosed with Asperger’s two years ago.

Not being sure of what we could expect for his future and how to help him was so heartbreaking.

Your story has helped us understand our son and what it would be like for him.   We feel more confident now and have come away with a lot to think about and to put in place at home.   You helped us realise that we can teach though his interests and that anything is possible.

We are now looking forward to the future and all the surprises our son will give us along the way.

Thank you so much Sally, we will be forever grateful.

Belinda and Darren, June 2012

How inspiring! My son is thirteen turning fourteen and I have been to thinking about what his future will hold. This story has inspired me to help guide my son into a career that he will love, to take what he is good at now and nurture it into a wonderful future for my son. Anything is possible.
Thank You
Annette Cannon

Hi Sally,
My Husband and I attended your seminar yesterday. Listening to your story has touched me so deeply as I felt as though you were telling my story. My husband and I have been separated for just over 1 year now and I do a lot of the battles on my own. My husband Phillip cannot understand Noah and would constantly put him down so I asked him to leave the family home as my children come first, but I am sure after hearing your story yesterday he has seen a different light on Asperger’s. Sally you have inspired me in so many ways I can’t begin to describe, I bought 2 copies of your book yesterday and I have already finished mine, and my mother is half way through her copy. Noah is a beautiful little boy whom I love with my whole heart and soul, He has just been accepted to attended main stream Prep next year which is terrifying me to pieces and I am so frightened that if I could wrap in my arms and protect him I would for the rest of his life but as you taught me yesterday Asperger’s is a gift and and I must walk with my boy to help him. Thank you again Sally your words have meant so much to me
Linda (name withheld due to privacy)
Caboolture Qld

A beautifully written, heart warming story. I’ve passed it on to everyone I know who works with children.
Jeannine Porter
Frankston, Australia

Raw emotion. Made me scrutinise my own outlook on life. Compelling reading, beautifully written. I just want to applaud at the end.
Jo Damen
Melbourne, Australia

Hello Sally, I thoroughly enjoyed your message! I will look forward to reading your book! Today I am writing to tell you that I posted your fabulous interview on my website We will hopefully improve the state of awareness over hear in the U.S. Thankyou for your BRILLIANT INSIGHT and ADVICE! It will help so many!
From: Kelly Green
Subject: wonderful T.V. appearance!

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