Wise Mothers – Sally’s New Book

Wise Mothers – A Parable, Raising Children in the Social Media Era is a story about discovering the archetype of motherhood that speaks only in truths and what happens to our beliefs when we are confronted with the ancient wisdom of a truly wise woman. It is about the longing that every woman has for a deep heartfelt connection with her own mother, grand mother and great grandmother. The search for wisdom is the way of the wise mother

In E-book format only, Wise Mothers, A Parable, Raising Children in the Social Media Era is a new book giving parents simple solutions to teen challenges based on ancient wisdom.

“Two years ago, after a very emotional argument with my then 16 year old daughter, the youngest of my three children, I knew something was very wrong. There was a difference between parenting my eldest two children and my youngest.  I wondered if social media had something to do with it and began researching to find some answers”

 “I spent almost 18 months researching all sorts of teen issues; Cyber-bullying, binge-drinking, early sexualisation and at-risk behaviours trying to figure out why these issues seemed so prevalent. At 5am one morning the pieces suddenly fell into place. It was such a powerful moment; I went for a walk to try to come to terms with what I had discovered.”

What happened next was extraordinary. Sally came home and started writing, and to her amazement the book turned into a parable, based on ancient wisdom.

“It was as if I was being guided to write this story – I had never written anything like it before nor did I have any idea where it was heading. However, the teachings in the book were so profound and so simple; I started to put them into practice. The relationship with my daughter literally changed overnight.”

Sally’s research uncovered many issues that are influencing teen behavior:

  • Teenagers experience as many as 40,000 media messages per year up dramatically from 10 years ago.
  • New brain research concludes that the teen brain is simply not developed enough to make rational, reasonable decisions and is highly influenced by on-going association.
  • Smart-phone technology allows for 24 /7 internet access, with many parents not knowing who their teens are connecting with, or how long they are spending on social media sites.
  • High cost of living and relationship breakdowns now mean that teens are spending less and less time with their parents… all at a time when parent influence is needed most.

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